In this newsletter, we begin by providing you with several considerations regarding one of the important components of the rate of return equation for residential investment properties, income-generation (and the attraction and retention of tenants). To a large extent, estate planning is about making sure that those around you understand your wishes. As such, in our animation we discuss advanced care directives. We have all heard of the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – there may be some truth to this as we highlight the benefits of workplace health and wellness programs for both employees and businesses. An important part of the personal insurance process is making informed decisions regarding which insurer (and their offering) may be appropriate for you and managing expectations around potential outcomes of a formal insurance application. Consequently, we explore how pre-assessments can sometimes help with this. Technological advancements can often be beneficial – from enabling completion of daily tasks with greater ease to allowing interaction with others in a more fast-paced and interactive way; however, they can also lead to job loss or displacement through computerisation or automation. A concern that many people have is whether to rent or buy property, at different stages of their lives. We decided to bring together our property and debt experts in an interactive seminar this month. We leave you with a funny video that showcases a battle between a man and a rather ‘cheeky’ machine.

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Residential investment properties: Income-generation considerations

Deciding between renting or buying can be overwhelming; the marketplace is full of conflicting industry options. But how do the numbers stack up? Our expert panel will give an insider's view based on facts and figures detailing what you need to know, and their outlook on the property market.


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Advanced care directives

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you are unable to express your wishes regarding medical treatment due to an accident, sudden illness or progressive disease. In this animation, we discuss the benefits of an advanced care directive and several considerations when drafting one.


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The benefits of workplace health & wellness programs

Whether you are a business owner, manager or employee, you may find this article interesting. We discuss the benefits of businesses implementing workplace health and wellness programs. Put simply, research indicates that, healthy workers = healthy organisations = healthy business performance and productivity. 


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Personal insurances: Completing a pre-assessment

When it comes to recommending which insurer (and their offering) may be appropriate for you and managing expectations around potential outcomes of a formal insurance application, often an important step in the process can be the completion of a pre-assessment. In this article, we explain what one is.


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Man vs. machine: A battle of speed, precision & creativity

Given increasing technological advancements, a growing concern for some of us is the potential for job loss or displacement in the future due to computerisation and automation. In this video, we see a battle of speed, precision and creativity between a man and a rather ‘cheeky’ robot.