This month, we consider the benefits of private health insurance. Our animation takes a brief look at what an ‘annuity’ is and how it may fit into your retirement goals and objectives. With interest rates at historic lows, we see what some economists predict for the future. ‘Do-It-Yourself’ will kits may seem enticing from a price and simplicity point of view, but sometimes it just doesn’t compare to seeking professional advice. And lastly, we leave you with a video that explores perspective and what you might say to your younger self given the chance.


Medicare and private health insurance

The ongoing debate about private health insurance appears to be a constant one among Australians, especially when premium increases each year come to the forefront. We look at several reasons to consider retaining or taking out private health insurance. 



What is an annuity? 

When planning for the income needed in retirement, there are many strategies that you can consider. One option available, depending on your circumstances, is an annuity. We explore a number of considerations when it comes to utilising an annuity in your overall plan.


Interest Rate.jpg

Interest rate predictions in 2017

A belief held by many economists is that there is at least one more interest rate cut expected from the Reserve Bank of Australia this year should employment, wages growth, and household spending continue to remain sluggish. We examine interest rate predictions and what they may mean for you.


DIY Will Kits.jpg

The pitfalls of DIY will kits

According to recent research, approximately 45% of Australians pass away without a will, or intestate. We explore why DIY will’s may not be the solution to your estate planning needs.


57 years apart.jpg

57 years apart: A boy and a man talk about life

What would you do if you were given the chance to talk to your younger self? Would you try and provide advice to change one or two decisions you made in life? A boy and man sit down together and discuss life from their perspectives and then provide each other with some friendly advice.