Your 5 minute financial health check

Get a Clearer Picture – Make Informed Decisions

We take people through each one of the following checks and then once there’s a clear financial picture we help them put a plan in place to maximise their financial growth. It’s important for everyone to reassess their finances regularly against these check points if you want financial security, a better financial lifestyle, peace of mind, financial confidence, and clarity of where your money is and what it’s doing.


Are you earning enough to support your lifestyle? How can you maximise your earnings? Do you have a monthly budget and are you allocating your funds correctly?

Tax Situation

Are you filling in your Income Tax Returns properly? Do you owe any tax or are you eligible for a tax rebate from the Government?


Do you have Income Insurance? Do you have Medical Insurance? Are you satisfied that if you were forced to be absent from work without pay that your financial needs would still be met.


Apart from the compulsory superannuation contributions your employer has to deduct from your salary, what financial plans  have you put in place to ensure you have a comfortable retirement?

Estate Planning

Do you have a Will? Has it been drawn up correctly and witnessed? Will it hold up in court? Has anything in your life changed that requires you to update your will?

Debt Solutions

Are you in debt? Do you have an accurate understanding of exactly how much debt you have? Have you included any interest that debt is collecting in your repayment schemes?