Our Philosophy

Your Values & Objectives

Our advice to you will align with your personal and financial goals.

Our regular updates and reviews will make sure that you are on track to achieve these goals.

Your Safety Net

We make certain that our clients have a financial safety net that is sound and secure.

Having the right insurance plan that covers you and your family is the backbone of every successful wealth-protection strategy.

Holistic Advice

As your financial ‘project managers’, we understand you don’t have time to locate and deal with a whole range of financial specialists, so our hand-picked and highly experienced team handles everything for you.

Our job is to ensure all of the moving parts in your plan are proceeding in the right direction.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in investing in a diversified and tailored portfolio to suit your personal objectives and financial goals.

We focus on high quality and low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and direct Australian equities rather than solely using high-fee managed funds.

Financial Literacy and Education

We provide all the financial education you need so that you are 100% comfortable with the investment path we choose with you.  We are always completely transparent, disclosing every relevant detail to you.

We have created Your Wealth Hub an interactive online education tool, for you and your family to use to increase your knowledge and understanding of what we do for you.

Intergenerational Support

The greatest wealth transfer Australia has ever seen is coming.

We specialise in ensuring that the people who will inherit this wealth – our client’s children – are ready to receive it by educating them for their future financial independence.